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3 Easy Tips To Make Your Web Design Stand Out In 2020

Web design is constantly evolving year on year and although it can be hard to keep up with web design trends and ensure that your website is constantly updated, you need to make sure that your web design stands out in 2020. More often than not, your website is the first thing a prospective client, or shopper will see, so getting your website design right is essential to making a good impression and turning browsers into buyers and prospects into clients. As we approach 2020, now would be the perfect time to upgrade your web design to ensure your website is not actually costing you customers, rather than gaining them.

In this article, we look at the 3 actionable tips that we recommend to ensure that your web design stands out against your competitors in 2020, regardless of what industry you are in.

1. Bespoke Web Design

CoCharter Bespoke Website Design

Does your website look like every other website in your industry? If so, we recommend switching to a bespoke built website solution to ensure that your website will stand out against your competitors. By switching to a bespoke website design, you will become rememberable to your prospective clients and stand out in their mind when they are looking for your services or products.

It is important that your website displays who you are as a brand and expresses your brand values, which you just won’t get with a template website using website builders like Wix and Weebly. Make sure your website displays your brand colours, fonts and shows specific images and videos related to your brand. Also, ensure your website is regularly updated. As a business owner, we know you are busy, but the easiest way to lose trust is to show outdated or irrelevant information on your website, so try and set aside an hour each month to update your website.

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2. Mobile Optimised

Mobile commerce now accounts for 23% of online sales and only 35% of businesses have mobile optimised websites as of 2019. Mobile and tablet device usage is growing year on year and it is more important than ever to ensure that your website is mobile optimised. It doesn’t matter if your main business driver is via your website or not, having a mobile optimised website will help you generate trust and credibility, as well as boosting your conversion rates, which will ultimately help you close more business.

In 2020, it is essential to make sure your website is optimised for mobile and tablet devices as the mobile commerce figure is only going to grow!

3. Easy Navigation

How hard is your website to navigate? Can your prospective clients or buyers contact you, or purchase products on your website easily? If potential clients or shoppers can’t navigate seamlessly through your website, the chances of them buying, or contacting you are very slim! For the easiest possible navigation, organise your website and menus into categories. If you offer insurance products for example, organise your pages into categories and sub categories, such as home insurance, travel insurance, etc, then add your secondary pages into these categories.

Organising your website neatly and optimising your navigation is an extremely simple task that will help you see an instant boost in sales or leads for your business.

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